Golden Plains won’t be going ahead in March 2022. 

We tried incredibly hard to make it happen. Turned every stone a hundred times. Looked at it from every possible, and impossible, angle. We allowed as much time and space as we could.

The circumstances we are in do not match the circumstances required for this Golden Plains to happen. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s no one thing.

Despite all the will in the world, we can’t make this Golden.

For now, I’m looking forward to a little bit of rest and recovery, some time to lament, and to enjoy the things that Summer brings, as we again set controls for the heart of the Supernatural. 

Even at my age, I’m still learning that good things take time.

You can read more here and visit the Supernatural Gift Shoppe here.

My door is always open.

See you at a show,


Golden Plains 2020